Offshore Support

As a shipping agent it is our job to look after ships on behalf of their owners - our clients.

Approaching ship offshoreThis care starts, well before the ship arrives in the port.

As soon as we know of a ship's arrival we then immediately start making arrangements for the most suitable berth.

The size of the berth is obviously of critical importance, but the type of cargo being unloaded also has to be borne in mind and this can mean additional provisions for exceptionally heavy loads.

CraneTo minimise the turnaround time for our client, we make sure that all required services will be on standby for the imminent arrival of the ship and also on hand during its stay.

This may involve arranging specialised equipment for our client’s requirements, such as heavy lifting equipment, cherry pickers, telehandlers or any other specialist equipment.

It is also usually a good idea to have someone available to use the equipment being supplied and so we also make sure qualified personnel are assigned and scheduled to be available whilst the equipment is required.


For vessels arriving from outside of Europe, we make sure that all Government Agencies (Customs & Immigration) the local VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) and Pilotage services are alerting and kept updated – thus making sure there are no issues for the vessel, its cargo or its crew/personnel on arrival.

Customs entries for the IPR, Warehouse, RGR, and NES can all be organised in advance.

If you would like to know more about how we could assist with your ship's arrival and stay in port - please get in touch.